2020 Pontiac GTO Aztek Shaker: Price, Specs, and Release Date

2020 Pontiac GTO Aztek Shaker: Price, Specs, and Release Date. There are lots of rumors surrounding the upcoming 2020 Pontiac GTO Aztek Shaker Some sources believe that the American car will bring major upgrade here, but some others believe that the manufacturer won’t bring this car back. Then, can you still expect this car in 2020? Let’s find the truth.

Performance, Engine, and Transmission

There is no official statement from the company, some sources have listed the engine of this muscle car. It is rumored that this car will have a V8 engine with 6,379 cc. This engine makes this muscle car one of the first version of GTO that has the largest engine.

Compared to other middle-class cars, this Pontiac GTO Aztek runs with 400 horsepower. The past version of this car can run for more than 60mph in 5.5 seconds and the upcoming version is rumored to have better performance.

Exterior, Interior, and Infotainment

The most pleasant feature of this Pontiac GTO Aztek is its interior. The interior space is much more spacious compared to the previous model. The available space here enables the driver as well as the passengers comfortable in a longer ride. This muscle car is also quite capable to hold lots of gear or stuff due to its space.

The spacious space is also felt because of its dashboard. It is designed quite far from the front seat and it makes the interior feel wider. Thanks to the window line and shape, the light can penetrate the car well and providing better visibility and air. The front elbow room and high driving position make it pleasant to ride, even for a longer trip.

The only downward of the 2020 Pontiac GTO Aztek is its exterior. Some people don’t like how the front end of the car looks because of its similarity to old Cadillac. The proportion of the car is also quite awkward compared to the older models. Some also mention that the design looks like the Camaro SS somehow. But, overall, the upcoming Pontiac GTO will still maintain its sporty and masculine look.

Safety and Driving Features

Riding the Pontiac GTO Aztek is quite pleasant because this car prioritizes the safety a lot. This car adopts the standard safety equipment, like a rearview camera. The company also adds blind-spot monitor and rear cross-traffic alerts to minimize accident. You can also add the Subaru’s Eyesight System to the Premium models of this car.

Not only equipped with the safety equipment, but this muscle car is also designed with thicker window glass, better door seals, and an acoustic windshield. The noise suppression is also better compared to the old models. With the upgrades, you can ride this car for longer trips in more comfort.

Release Date and Price

The release date hasn’t been announced yet, let alone the price. You can expect the official statement from the company sooner.

Since there are no official statements related to the release of this car, the Pontiac GTO fans still hope this car to be released next year. With the rumored upgrade and features, the upcoming 2020 Pontiac GTO Aztek Shaker will be the perfect ride for you.