2020 Toyota Celica Release Date, Review, and Price

2020 Toyota Celica Release Date, Review, and Price. The Japanese manufacturer is in a process of reviving the sports cars lineup at the moment and one of the models that should come soon is 2020 Toyota Celica. Far, the arrival of new Supra has been confirmed and this one should be next in the line. The previous-generation Celica ended its production in 2006, so it would be pretty much useless to make some comparison between this and the upcoming model. Still, some details of the new model seem to be certain already.

2020 Toyota Celica Powertrain


The engine is another big mystery of 2020 Toyota Celica. The absence of sports cars left a big gap in Toyota’s engine lineup, so it seems hard to predict the mill for this one. Someone would suggest the same engine as in 86, but that is actually Subaru’s H4 technology. We are pretty sure that Toyota will rely on its own resources in this case. In practice, it could be a brand-new 2.0-liter engine, which is supposed to have amazing thermal efficiency. Some reports suggest a max output of between 170 and 200 horsepower.


At the moment, there aren’t many details about the 2020 Toyota Celica available, so we must rely on rumors. According to the latest reports, the new version will continue in its traditional manner. This would mean a front-wheel-drive layout, unlike 86 and new Supra manual that features RWD. Most likely, this model will utilize the company’s new TNGA platform. This architecture seems like a perfect fit for this occasion, not only because of its FF layout but also because of its primary use. To remind you, this is the company’s main platform for small cars, such as C-HR or Prius, so we can presume how large the new 2020 Toyota Celica will be.

2020 Toyota Celica Concept


Sports cars from this manufacturer usually feature different design language compared to the rest of the lineup and we should consider that fact when imagining the look of 2020 Toyota Celica. We should look at the new Toyota 86 model when searching for the Celica’s inspiration. This model features pretty smooth lines and that is in contrast with other Toyota’s models. Still, this model seems to be a little bit outdated, so we will have to wait to see how new Supra will look like. The new 2020 Toyota Celica will probably stand between these two models, not just in size but in terms of styling solutions.


It seems pretty useless to speculate about 2020 Toyota Celica’s interior in this early phase of development. Far, we can only presume that the new model will feature a 2 +2 cabin. Of course, with modest interior space and driver-oriented dashboard. Anything more than that seems impossible to predict at the moment.

2020 Toyota Celica Images


At this moment, the 2020 Toyota Celica is still waiting for the official confirmation. The most precise date that we can say at the moment would be in a year or two.

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